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Author : Hajra | Posted On : 18 December, 2018

Look at whats trending in 2019 !

There have been a lot of design trends over the past years and with every individual having their own preferences, the options over the years increase. My personal preference have always been in comfort with a tinge of glamour. Well ! Design is subjective after all.

From Metallics to Florals to Leatherrite to Pop up colors ...Just about everything to look for in 2019.

Well if we talk about the color combination trending in 2019, it definately has to be the Night Watch and Blush Pink . These are colors that present an instant wow factor to your space. You can add furnishing or wall decor or keep an accent piece of such tones , they seem to have a strong impoact on your interiors. Both these colors love being paired up with Gold. Simple to use these tones make your interiors look luxurious and elegant. 



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